Long Shorts, Or Short Longs?

Written by Jonny London


Posted on February 02 2021

Short shorts are great when you're standing up, but the moment you need to sit down, your nuts end up on your shoulders!

Let me tell you a story ...

A few weeks ago I was wearing my FKNLIFT gym shorts to breakfast and as I was climbing onto a stool, the front of my shorts started to tighten up and my yam-bag got squished up into my bellybutton!

You know the drill ... the only way to get some relief in the bone zone is to stand up, lift a leg, manually pull the cajones out of your stomach and then sit down again more strategically.

 So after I was finally able to sit down, I wiped the sweat from my brow and asked the waitress for a napkin and sharpie, the result was the rough design for the all new men's Trojan Gym Shorts!

They're a little longer, a little more subtle and a little more longerer than other shorts in the FKN men's gym shorts range.

As usual, with every garment that I design, these shorts need to tick off the FKN Criteria of Awesome before they're released to the Fam.

..."These shorts tick my box!..."

Comfortable: Built from a soft, 100% cotton French Terry fabric, they're a low maintenance, above knee, moisture wicking phenomenon!

Cool: Not only are they cool in temperature, but also cool in style. With an understated FKN Gym Wear logo flag tag on the left thigh, they aren't too loud, so can be worn with any top.

Strong: Double stitched hems and a super tough construction process guarantees that your new Trojans will not only last, they're squat proof AF!

Sexy: Deep hip pockets as well as a back pocket on the right cheek, Trojans also feature a reinforced elastic waistband with an over sized shoelace drawstring to get your fit right.

Available in Charcoal & Beige from sizes S - XXXL (28 - 38").
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