The FKN Gym Wear Story

Oh yeah, there’s a story….

If you imagine that owning a multi-million-dollar gym wear brand is full of huge parties, fist-bumping celebrities, custom-ordered fast cars and taking photos of sexy, beautiful women in exotic locations around the world…

You’re spot FKN on!

But it wasn’t always like this.


The original ‘FKNLIFT’ logo came to me while sitting at my computer thinking about how much I love to lift, correction…Love to FKN LIFT and needed a shirt that said exactly that.

With that in my mind and my trusty Photoshop program open in front of me, I designed the first FKNLIFT logo with the overlapped ‘N’ and ‘L’ letters.

That was back in 2010, a few weeks before the Australian Fitness Expo and I was pretty pleased that I had a cool and original shirt to take with me to train in.

3 Weeks Later – “Awesome shirt; send me one” – 6 Time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates

It was at the Fitness Expo that I first met 6 times Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates and as it turned out, he also likes to FKNLIFT and said: “Awesome shirt, send me one!”

With that endorsement; Dorian pretty much confirmed that I was onto something and went home and had the first 100 black FKNLIFT t-shirts printed.

It’s interesting to note that I still hadn’t decided on the name FKN Gym Wear at this stage; all I wanted to do was lift in awesome shirts.

Those 100 tees sold out in about a month to friends and via a simple online store that I’d built in a few hours.

Just using that website and a Facebook Page, I continued this routine of making small orders and basic range additions for around 12 months and the demand for FKN Gym Wear clothing just kept growing.

March 2013 – World FKN Domination?This was when I decided to get serious with the business by rebuilding the entire website, expand our range and move into the company full time.

Now I have an awesome team working with me and we feel blessed by the support we receive from the lifting community.

FKN Gym Wear can now be found in retailers all over Australia; we ship internationally on a daily basis and sponsor some of Australia’s finest athletes.

2014 – Then we got sued…

By NIKE no less! Generally speaking, getting sued by a large multinational competitor should be on your “to don’t” list, but that letter recognising one of our designs as stylistically similar to one of their greats gave me a hard-on I still have this very day.

2015 – LA called out to me, and I answered

From their humble Australian East Coast beginnings, this of ours started paddling off-shore to the good red-blooded people in the U. S. of FKN A.

To stay up to date with all that’s happening at FKN; make sure to check out and follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all @fkngymwear.