The Greatest Cap In The World x 10,000

Written by Jonny London


Posted on July 04 2019

It’s happened, FKN Gym Wear has created the greatest cap in the world and to be honest with you, it wasn’t easy.

FKN has been designing and making caps for years, 7 in fact and this could be our finest hour.

Like every FKN product, I begin with a criteria:

  • Sexy
  • Amazing Quality
  • Perfect Fit
  • Better Than Everything Else Anyone Has Ever Created Ever
  • Sexy (again)

With this vision in mind, I sat down with my designers and explained EXACTLY what I was after.

After 12 Red Bulls, four pillow fights and 650 grams of chicken breast, we played ping pong.

We argued back and forth, “That kind of awesome does not exist in a cap Londo” they cried!

I wasn’t having it.

I knew damn well that nothing this amazing existed and that’s EXACTLY why FKN had to make it.

FINALLY, after four hours of blood-curdling ping pong savagery, they saw my vision and the design was complete.

Here’s what you’re getting:

Deep Clean Head

Treat yourself to the feeling of Deep Clean Head or DCH as we say in the science.

The new 411 cap sits on your head perfectly, whether your an ear tuck person or not.

Your Hats Too Heavy!

At only 68 grams per hat, nobody can compete with these numbers.

Have you ever wondered why supercars are built with carbon fibre?

Because lighter is better!

The Highest Skull To O2 Levels Ever

The custom FKN ventilation will keep your brain cool so you stay on your game no matter what game that is, because FKN wearers win every damn game they play!

In Conclusion

I’m so proud of this cap.

The design, the colour, the attitude, it’s absolutely perfect.

FKN is here to take over fam, so get on board!

You can check out the new 411 Cap by clicking HERE

And of course, thank you for reading.

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