Nobody Wanted This FKN Shirt!

Written by Jonny London


Posted on July 04 2019

The gym wear business is FKN tough!

When I first started out with FKN, I made a few shirts and singlets that I wanted to wear and then other dudes wanted them, but after a minute, girls started asking for stuff.

Being the fashion connoisseur that I am (*cough), I thought, “chicks love t-shirts!”

…So I made a few hundred t-shirts with the Box logo and waited for the crazy crazy lady t-shirt money to start rolling in!

Turns out, chicks didn’t love t-shirts.

I shot the shirt on a bunch of different girls, doing a bunch of different stuff, but they just didn’t seem to take off (no pun)!

The women’s singlets were moving well and I kind of gave up on the ‘Logo T-shirt’ as I called it at the time.

A few weeks passed and I had a shoot booked in with a friend of mine and thought about cutting up the logo t-shirt and getting some cheeky promo shots.

The shoot went great and the pics came out FKN awesome, so I started posting a few on Facebook and Instagram and instantly started getting DM’s from girls asking where the ‘cut off shirt’ was on the FKN Gym Wear site.

Obviously it wasn’t there, but a light bulb went off in my rap lyric filled brain.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and started to cut up a few and put the ‘ALL NEW’ Gangsta Shirt on the site.

It killed instantly and continues to be one of the best selling women’s tops we have (hooray).

Bonus FKN Trivia: I named it the Gangsta Tee, because the pics with Tee looked Gangsta