9 Questions I Keep Getting Asked

Written by Jonny London


Posted on September 09 2019

People ask me a lot of questions.

Questions about FKN, business in general and my life personally.

Honestly, I like the business questions. I can talk about that stuff for hours, but I'm usually quite reserved about sharing my personal life.

You'll know this if you've ever seen my personal Instagram or Facebook...

So today I'm answering nine of the most common questions I get asked on business and my life:

"Is FKN Gym Wear All You Do?"

By 'all you do' I assume I'm being asked if I have another job, or is FKN a side hustle or whatever.

The answer is no, FKN is not all I

FKN Gym Wear was my sole focus for around three years after I was fired from my last job, but since then (the past two years), I've started a second company and as of publishing this blog, I've also almost finished writing my first book.

My second company is called Brandland, where I work with new and existing clothing brands, businesses and companies to design, source and manufacture their apparel ranges.

Shoot me an email at if you've ever considered starting a clothing brand, are a struggling clothing brand or you're just after some t-shirts for your gym or supplement store...we do it all.

And finally, my first book is called FUCK FEAR and is due for release by the end of this year (2019).

In a nutshell, FUCK FEAR is my story, lessons and experiences building a multi million dollar business and incredible lifestyle with no cash, no idea what the hell I was doing and relying purely on weaponized fucking hustle.

I'll let you know when it's available.

"Is FKN Gym Wear All Online?"


We do focus a lot of time and energy into our online store, because thanks to the power of the Internets, we're able to reach the most people and make our garments accessible to everyone, everywhere!

We do however have a boutique retail store in Burleigh Heads and we also supply several retail stores around Australia, so customers can touch and try the greatness.

How Do I Get Sponsored Or Model For FKN?

I think I speak for almost every company or business that receives emails or messages from people looking for sponsorship at any level...

...we only pay attention to the well presented applications.

For example. I once had a direct messages on Instagram from a guy looking to partner up (well that's what I assume he was attempting) that read...and I'm one hundred percent serious that this is the complete message...

"got spono?"

He did not get spono.

So what makes a 'well presented application'?

Put together a great proposal.

Keep it simple and to the point, you have mere moments to get and keep our attention. Short paragraphs and point form for your achievements and goals is best.

Remember that business owners receive many many applications so you need to STAND OUT.

Make sure to tell us what you can do FOR the company and why collaborating with FKN would be a mutually beneficial partnership.

We don't care how many followers you have. If you're passionate about what you do and can get your message across clearly, then we want to hear from you.

Include links to your online profiles and attach images.

Take note. Images of yourself actually wearing the companies clothing that you're trying to collaborate with go a fucking long way, it shows that you already love the brand!

I once had someone tell me that FKN was their favorite gym wear label. I asked them what clothes they had, they said none, that's why they wanted sponsorship.

She did not get spono.

Proof read your proposal, check spelling and attach your images (you would be surprised how many people say 'see attached images' and they forgot to).

Also, If you're sending proposals to multiple companies, make sure to change/update the name of who you're writing to (we've all done it).

Finally, make sure that your subject line is clear and to the point.

Where Do FKN Gym Wear Clothes Come From?

Depends on the article. Some Australia, some China some Pakistan.

We have suppliers from all around the world who specialize in certain things. Our bags come from one place, leggings from another, shirts from another etc etc etc.

After a few years of doing this we've been able to develop great relationships with some great companies.

Were you really sued by Nike?


It's in the book.

Where Do You Find Models?

We receive applications every day through the website collaborations tab.

Unfortunately we can't shoot or sponsor everyone who applies, as at any given time, we're looking for models who are a good match for whatever range we're currently promoting.

If you're interested in shooting with FKN or applying for one of our sponsored/collaborator packages, you can apply here.

I do recommend that you read the above section on HOW to get sponsored before applying as we take this very seriously and expect the same from our collaborators.

Will You Have A Stand At [insert name] Expo This Year?


FKN Gym Wear does not do expos.

How Do You Come Up With Ideas?

Every idea and concept since the beginning of FKN has just come from the depths of my wonderfully twisted mind.

The first ever FKNLIFT t-shirt design was just a shirt that I wanted to wear. It summed up my philosophy for training and that's where the idea came from.

Since then it's been pretty much the same process coming up with women's and men's designs:

Men's range - What do I want to wear?

Women's range - What do I think would look awesome.

I don't care what other brands are doing, but I do listen to you guys when you have suggestions that will fit in with the FKN brand.

What Do You Do On An Average Day?

Wake up, take kids to school, meetings with staff, design a new garment, do a photo shoot, write something incredibly insightful, plan next holiday (go on next holiday) help the team pack the millions of orders, go through new stock arrivals and sample test packaging, prints, fabric etc., pick up kids from school, train, do something with the family.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment or question.

Jonny London