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Women's Gym Leggings And Shorts


Women's Gym Leggings And Shorts

You know your body better than anyone. You know what types of gym clothes and leggings styles work best for you.

At FKN Gym Wear, we don't tell our customers what to wear, we listen to what you want and use our ten years of fitness experience to create the best fitting, most flattering and functional clothing on the market.

Our women's gym leggings and shorts range in size from XS (6) to XXL (16) so you can find the perfect fit for your ever developing physique and intense training routines.

Gym leggings NEED to be as flattering as they are functional and comfortable.

Finding that fine line of creating leggings that look incredible, are soft and comfortable and also give you confidence to push them to the limits in the gym has been our mission for over a year, testing fabrics, styles and cuts on every body shape we could find.

The result of all of this hard work is the our new Women's Leggings range.

We can confidently say that these are not only the best leggings we've ever built, but they are arguably the best on the market.

Our A2G Leggings are true to size with deep, hidden hip pockets on both legs, a lower back pocket and made from the world's most comfortable nylon/spandex blend fabric

Structurally designed and constructed to be the most flattering and comfortable gym leggings you will ever FKN wear!