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Men's Gym Shorts And Pants


Men's Gym Shorts And Pants

It doesn't matter if it's leg day or chest day, most gyms insist that you wear some kind of pants when you train and at FKN Gym Wear, we respect that.

We also understand how important it is that your shorts and pants are functional, durable and of course, comfortable.

You know what you like, you know what clothes look good and we're confident that our range of cotton and polyester gym shorts and lightweight fleece pants will exceed your expectations.

Designed to look awesome with our entire clothing range of gym t-shirts and hoodies, there's no reason for you not to be head to toe repping FKN Gym Wear!

So whether you're smashing out reps on the seated extension or squeezing your legs into a lat pulldown machine your ready to focus on the exercise and not worry that your clothes will let you down.