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FKN Crush It

What inspires you to be more FKN awesome today than you were yesterday? What inspires you to innovate, to persevere through tough times and shut out all the bullshit trying to slide it’s way into your life? Hopefully, you said yourself. Yesterday I had a conversation with one of our millions of retailers about all

The FKN DID List

Let’s get straight into it, I have a ton of other things that I need to be doing right now, but I wanted to share this simple trick I use every damn day, to kick worldwide ass! You’re probably familiar with To Do lists right? Writing down all the things you need to get done,

Sex Sells

Today, I want to talk to you guys about the content that you find on the FKN Gym Wear website and in our social media and why we do what we do. For the true FKN fans, this blog might not come as any surprise Why do you go to the gym…seriously? To feel healthy

Dem Feels…

In 1986 a rap group named Run DMC released a song called ‘My Adidas’. The song was about their sneakers and the music video was a lot of close ups of their fresh kicks, doing fresh kick shit, like walking down stairs and running from bees. The reason I’m telling you this is after seeing