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It gives me great pleasure to introduce our latest FKN Gym Wear ambassador, Mr Dane Laing. Dane’s been a loyal customer of FKN for quite some time and we initially noticed him through his Instagram, shouting us out in some pics. We’re stoked to have such a driven and professional individual like Dane on board
My last article, 3 Simple Ways To Make 2016 The Year Of Your Greatest Gains Ever, covered basic training, nutrition and mindset. I received a ton of emails and feedback (thank you) for this, but in particular many of you asked about the section regarding mindset. Before we get started, what is mindset? I think
There’s really only 3 factors to epic gains my friends. Training Nutrition and Mindset No matter how you break it down, you can pretty much squeeze in any other skin tearing, gain blasting activity into one these three categories. Let’s get into it. Training Don’t Believe The Hype Remember when you first started lifting and
It probably comes as no surprise that Lycra/spandex was invented by a man (a great, great man). His name is Joseph and in 1958 he changed women’s gym clothing for ever. FKN didn’t invent Lycra, but FKN Gym Wear does make the world sexier and this time with some bad ass croppies. I’ve put together