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Ass Graffiti

Let’s face it ladies. Your legs and ass are the reward of all the hard FKN work you do in the gym and kitchen. They’re like a pair of spectacular meat trophies that deserve to be celebrated, as loudly as humanly possible! And that’s where the idea for our new FKN Graffiti Leggings has come

Zero Fucks Given

Maybe our most controversial design to date, but also the most high-fived by strangers in shopping malls, our Zero Fucks Given has been selling like a sumbitch! I’ve been asked a LOT why I didn’t censor the design and the reason is quite simple. How can a design that says Zero Fucks be censored? Wouldn’t

This Is Why I Lift

For the past six months, my eating and training have been average, and that’s being extremely generous. Consequently, my confidence, my mood and of course, my physique, turned to shit. I’d become fluent with excuses like, I’m too busy to get to the gym, I’ll start properly next week, my eating was crap today so

Peace Love Gains

Consider this: You COULD train in a tuxedo or a tutu (or both), but you don’t. Why? Because they won’t do a damn thing to make you feel like a superstar and give you a better workout and you will probably end up on YouTube, in one of those crappy, narrow, phone videos. At FKN