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Fitness, Knowledge, Nutrition – The FKN Principles of Success. Fitness. I’ve never considered fitness to purely be measured by how long someone can run on a treadmill or by how many pushups someone can do. Physical fitness all starts from the mind and your determination to achieve your goals. Your body doesn’t fail until your
Recently, I was asked to do an interview with a business entrepreneur podcast and for the most part, the questions were boring and made me think about what my next meal would be. However, one question stood out and I thought I would share it and the answer with you guys today. The question was,


Besides being a hilarious industry ‘in-joke’, our new Kinda Natty design actually does have a story behind it. I’ve been balls deep in the fitness industry and competition scene for over 15 years now and am rarely surprised by the claims people make regarding their stance on the natty issue. What is Natty? I’ll write


For those who don’t know, FKN Gym Wear was officially born way back in 2010, with the creation of the very first design, FKNLIFT. 2010 seems like a long time ago, but the philosophies behind the FKN brand have been a part of my life, both in and out of the gym, for much much