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After the wildly successful first blog 7 Things Lifters Should Never Apologise for, here’s another seven. Let’s get straight into it family. 1. Filling Up Your Giant Water Bottle. You and I both know that hydration is an absolute fundamental to FKN GAINS, so I don’t care if the line up behind you looks like
Long before I ever designed the F#CK SLEEVES shirt, I worked in the sports supplement industry. For those of you who don’t know, prior to starting FKN, I worked as a sales manager for several big brand supplement companies all over Australia…and I absolutely loved it! Let me give you the back story. In the
Do you want the secret to success? Set goals Work hard Try new things Repeat It’s really that simple. I set a goal 4 months ago, to design and create the best sports bra available in the gym wear market (I actually have that goal written on the back of a speeding fine). Maybe it
Gym is life. Most people don’t understand our lifestyle and that’s fine, but they should also know that we don’t give a fuck what they think. Here’s 7 things we lifters deal with every day and that we should never EVER apologise for. 1. How much money you spend on food, supplements and gym wear.