FKN has released a pre workout and of course it’s awesome. Here’s some FKN trivia for your day: Did you know that before FKN blew the fuck up, I spent 7 years working in the supplement industry? It’s true…I FKN love supps! So, it was only a matter of time before I dropped a bad
Recently, I was asked to do an interview with a business entrepreneur podcast and for the most part, the questions were boring and made me think about what my next meal would be. However, one question stood out and I thought I would share it and the answer with you guys today. The question was,


Besides being a hilarious industry ‘in-joke’, our new Kinda Natty design actually does have a story behind it. I’ve been balls deep in the fitness industry and competition scene for over 15 years now and am rarely surprised by the claims people make regarding their stance on the natty issue. What is Natty? I’ll write
If you’re serious about the business of building muscle, read on. I’ve used, refined and recommended the same muscle building strategies for men and women for the past 15 years and anyone who’s ever trained with me, can attest to their potent, muscle building value. Follow these training principles, build FKN muscle. The amount will