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Foot Porn

Getting ready for the gym a few weeks ago, I put on an FKN Gym Wear sleeveless, a pair of FKN shorts, an FKN hat and snatched my FKN towel. I grabbed a pair of socks and a black pair of Vans and headed for my living room to finish this fashion masterpiece, when I
Sports Model Brianna Jenkins has been mistaken for a Bikini Model according to a post on her Facebook page. The Yatala resident was enjoying a rest day doing some shopping and catching up with friends in Brisbane’s trendy Southbank district, when a fellow shopper eluded to her being a bikini model, due to an upcoming

The Greatest Cap In The World x 10000

It’s happened, FKN Gym Wear has created the greatest cap in the world and to be honest with you, it wasn’t easy. FKN has been designing and making caps for years, 7 in fact and this could be our finest hour. Like every FKN product, I begin with a criteria: Sexy Amazing Quality Perfect Fit
After the wildly successful first blog 7 Things Lifters Should Never Apologise for, here’s another seven. Let’s get straight into it family. 1. Filling Up Your Giant Water Bottle. You and I both know that hydration is an absolute fundamental to FKN GAINS, so I don’t care if the line up behind you looks like